Lasting Power of Attorney Health & Personal Welfare

This type of LPA allows your attorney(s) to make decisions about your personal healthcare and welfare if you have lost capacity. They can make decisions about your day to day care, your diet, whether you can continue to live at home or go into residential care and if authorised life sustaining treatment.

Often not completed as it is regarded as less important and to save costs.  It is essential to understand that if a family member, who really cares about you, is your attorney appointed under this type of LPA it gives him/her/them standing with others such as the local authority, NHS.

We all know about the case when the elderly mother was taken out of the nursing home by daughter who was dissatisfied with the standard of care to then be confronted by social services and police to return her mother to the care home. If the daughter had been appointed attorney she would have had legal standing and social services would have had to apply to the court.

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